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The language parameter affects the names of controls, copyright notices, driving directions, and control labels, as well as the responses to service requests. The effect on services is not as apparent. For example, when geocoding street level addresses the country name is returned in the language you requested, but the rest of the address will be specific to the location you are geocoding.

On the other hand, postal and political results are returned in the requested language.

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Try this demo to experiment with the changes on the map when you update the language parameter. If you set the language of the map, it's important to consider setting the region too. This helps ensure that your application complies with local laws. Note: When you load the API in the manner shown above, the map uses the Japanese language for all users regardless of user preferences. Be sure you want this behavior before setting this option. The following example renders a map of Cairo, Egypt using Arabic controls:. See the list of supported languages. Note that new languages are added often, so this list may not be exhaustive.

As the developer of a Maps JavaScript API application it is your responsibility to ensure that your application complies with local laws by ensuring that the correct region localization is applied for the country in which the application is hosted. The region parameter accepts Unicode region subtag identifiers which generally have a one-to-one mapping to country code Top-Level Domains ccTLDs.

Most Unicode region identifiers are identical to ISO codes, with some notable exceptions. The following examples show two maps, one which geocodes "Toledo" based on the default region US to "Toledo, Ohio" and one which biases results based on a region set to ES Spain to "Toledo, Spain. View the US example and the ES example. When setting the language of the map, it's important to consider setting the region too. Here is a demo that allows you to load the map with your choice of language and region. Libya LNA airstrike this morning in Tripoli. Libya Smoke over Matiga airport in Tripoli now.

Liveuamap is covering security and conflict reports around the world, select the region of your interest. Hong Kong. District Columbia. Region Language About Hide advertising. Some people have gathered outside the Mong Kok Police Station for the memorial. Tear gas have been fired. Tear gas was fired in Prince Edward around pm. Photo: Stand News. Flag is up and police warm people gathering at a memorial service they will fire if people don't disperse at Prince Edward MTR in Mong Kok.

Some others are "commemorating" the protest at the MTR station there. Police have already detained one man.

Supermarkets are closing and there are no trains. China's largest e-commerce platform Taobao just announced it is removing all items linked to HoustonRockets following GM dmorey 's comments on Hong Kong. Live stream showed fight breaking out in Sha Tin mall. A man criticised protesters for defacing a Chinese flag, predictably, the protesters assaulted him. Mall security guards escorted him out, people still following him, shouting. In Kwai Tsing a banner against the HK govt ban on wearing masks at protests is going up from the pedestrian bridge.

Hong Kong's Education Bureau asks secondary school heads to report no.

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One of the new appeals was "dissolving the police force. At about 3 o'clock this afternoon, there was a ship fire in the Tsuen Wan Typhoon Shelter, and a large amount of smoke was emitted. The fireboat was already on the scene to put out the fire.

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Causeway Bay: Here's an abandoned excavator that some protesters drove earlier down Hennessy Road. Police have released a statement on Facebook saying that masked rioters beat up bystanders in Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok, taking the law into their own hands. Protesters threw petrol bombs at police in Wan Chai and hit a journalist. Hong Kong Police random stop and search, and get people to be checked in the rain, causing traffic jam at the cross-harbour tunnel. Police at Tai Lam Tunnel. Searching bags of passengers who got off at bus stop.

PLA troops in fatigues, some shining strobe torches from rooftops, shout at protesters massed below in the first direct exchange in over four months of unrest. The protesters shout back: "Vindicate June 4".

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The warning flag is hoisted from the People's Liberation Army barracks in Kowloon Tong in what's believed to have been the first intervention of its kind in HongKong's ongoing protests. Show patterns instead colors. Road accidents, cars.

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Artillery, MLRS. Airplanes, jets. Camps, tents. Stabbing attacks. Gun shooting. Speech, statement. Stop, road block. Tanks, APCs, armored vehicles. Thugs, people in masks. Nuke, radioctive materials.