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27 What to See and Wonderful Things to Do in Malibu, Southern California

We recently traveled abroad and when we told people we were from Southern California, the dreamy look in their eyes said Malibu and places like it. Plenty inspiration for my next weekend there! Thanks for sharing! Very interesting! I wish my husband was on board with the idea but I just may go without him. Lol he keeps telling me about traffic…. Yes, we have traffic, but all big cities do.

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I hope you make it here someday! I think I had the wrong impressions of a highly overly developed and crammed shoreline and party city beyond. Thank you for showing me that there is a whole lot more to be excited about there! Malibu is actually a little bit removed from other cities nearby because access is via narrow winding canyons and the pch.

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Would definitely like to check it out again as it looks way more fun than I remembered! I always thought of Malibu as a ritzy area but it looks like it has tons of down to earth things to do. I was just in Dukes in Kauai and the food was excellent The chain seems to have a good reputation. We did California on our honeymoon after Vegas and before San Fran! But I would love to have gone to Malibu pier. Looks like a lot of fun in Malibu. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hope you get another chance to explore this lovely area!

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I love that you always include such great places to eat in your posts. I really like the origins of its name too — listening to the sound of the surf is one of my favourite sounds on earth. Finding good food while out and about can be challenging, so a few ideas are always helpful.

This is just the beginning of my things to do in Malibu list. I still have so many more places to explore in the area. Malibu is very peaceful. It feels a world away, which is why we like to go there to escape every now and again. Malibu looks awesome. The pier and the houses look so iconic farawayfiles.

Hot Fun in Malibu: The Best Attractions in SoCal's Famous Beach Playground

I personally love the beautiful color of the water in Malibu. All the beaches and the Leo Carrillo park look fantastic. I just added Malibu to my bucketlist! Malibu looks like a great place to have fun! I visited Malibu briefly years ago start of the 90s but barely remember it — and your post makes me realise how much I missed! I would love to visit Malibu! I just got back from my first real trip to CA the only other being a short work trip to LA several years ago. Sounds like a wonderful trip! You hit a lot of beautiful spots.

I miss the years I was in LA very much. However I am also ready to move away from the West Coast. We soon found ourselves hugging the winding curves of Pacific Coast Highway as we made our way to the Promised Land of Malibu. On our left lay vast sandy beaches dotted with surfers, and beach bunnies. On our right the steep hills of Malibu beckoned you to pay attention.

I remember witnessing large houses that cantilevered off of these steep brown mounds of dirt. And what sticks in my memory most is the golden honey light that bathed all who were fortunate to be here. On another enchanted evening, a few months later, I double dated with my roommate, Bob and two sorority girls. We plopped our firm bodies down on the sand and staked our claim, as the sunset arrived to escort us into early evening. We all sat on the sand and talked. And talked.

And then kissed. And talked some more. All the while the soft roar of the Pacific Ocean was in the background. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are places to just chill out, like the famed Malibu Pier , where a fishing pole and a cooler are all you need to enjoy the morning, or the Malibu Country Mart , where some retail therapy often combines with a bit of Hollywood star gazing.

The Adamson House Museum and the Frederick Weisman Museum at Pepperdine University both join the Getty Villa in providing a cultural and artistic backbone to the community, while Paradise Cove offers up longstanding fun in the sun for the whole family. Solstice Canyon is a trail in Malibu that takes you through the stunning Santa Monica mountains.

You'll enjoy gorgeous vistas, including of the nearby ocean, and will come across a variety of plants and foliage. Solstice Canyon is also famous for its waterfall which can be hiked to, the only year-round waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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The full Solstice Canyon hike is six miles long, though shorter variations can be done. Solstice Canyon is also full of history, including a stone cottage that can be seen from the trail that dates back to The Chumash tribe also lived on this land in the past. Recommended for Malibu's Best Attractions because : Solstice Canyon is a hiking trail that provides gorgeous views of Malibu as you hike through the Santa Monica mountains. Gina's expert tip : Arrive early to avoid the crowds, especially on weekends, as Solstice Canyon is a popular hiking trail. With over 40 retail shops, plenty of eateries and even a playground filled with fun, the Malibu Country Mart is a year-round shopping destination on Pacific Coast Highway.

The buildings that make up the shopping complex suggest a rustic country market, yet the shops inside reflect sophistication and high fashion. Malibu Country Mart is also home to some of Malibu's best restaurants, including top-notch Italian cuisine at Tra di Noi and famous Chinese food delicacies at Mr.

Jenny's expert tip : Did you road trip to Malibu? Located on the north end of Malibu, Zuma Beach is mellow with soft sand, making it an ideal beach to lounge back and relax. There are also volleyball nets on part of the beach for those looking to get in a bit of exercise during their time in the sun; sometimes in the summer, you'll be able to watch top players competing in tournaments held here. With a paid parking lot, bathroom and even an outdoor shower, you can spend the whole day on Zuma Beach and then get ready to go straight to dinner in town. Recommended for Malibu's Best Attractions because : Zuma Beach is a clean, beautiful beach in Malibu that has bathrooms on site and volleyball nets.

Top Ten Things You Must Do in Malibu | Discover Los Angeles

Gina's expert tip : Zuma Beach is part of the whale migration path, so watch for both whales and dolphin pods passing by. If you're a fan of famous and beautiful college campuses, you'll want to swing by Pepperdine University during your time in Malibu. The campus is situated on the side of a hill above Pacific Coast Highway and overlooks the ocean, providing panoramic views and making Pepperdine University one of the most expensive schools in the country.