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Section five presents Earth, two weeks after the New Mombasa slipspace event, where the planet is under siege by Covenant forces. Fred , Will , and Linda are pulled out of the line of fire by Fleet Admiral Hood , who responds to Halsey's call for reinforcements by dispatching the Spartans to Onyx. After hijacking a Covenant destroyer called Bloodied Spirit and killing all Covenant on board by suffocation, the Spartans head for Onyx, only to be caught in the middle of a battle between Brute and Elite ships on the way.

The Spartans barely escape and arrive at Onyx only to be attacked by the Sentinels. They escape using a Covenant Dropship and link up with the survivors, and then make their way toward the restricted area of Onyx after shaking Sentinel pursuit. Within this section, the story takes place on Delta Halo , where the Covenant are in the midst of a civil war.

The Elites intercept Halsey's message, learn of the existence of Onyx and its Forerunner artifacts then regroup at a Covenant world called Joyous Exultation. There, the Sangheili leader Xytan 'Jar Wattinree rallies the Elites together and discuss the apparent treachery of the Brutes and Prophets, and how to go about handling the situation.

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Ship Master Voro 'Mantakree speaks to his fellow ship masters and suggests that they go to Onyx, as well as be vigilant of the Flood threat. He is promoted to the rank of Fleet Master and is given command of a fleet of eighteen destroyers , two cruisers, and one carrier. They then prepare to go to Onyx to retrieve the Forerunner technology. The Huragok unknowingly arm it after Kwassass messes with the arming device for sometime.

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Shortly after the fleet departs for Onyx, the NOVA detonates, scorching Joyous Exultation with over km per hour winds, severely devastating its surface, shattering its nearby moon, Malhiem, into billions of fragments, and disintegrating the Covenant armada. The Covenant fleet and UNSC reinforcement fleet arrive at Onyx, where they encounter one another and the Sentinel defenders, which attack anything approaching the system.

Elites, what happened? (Episode 6 +)

In the ensuing battle, the entire UNSC fleet is destroyed save for one prowler-class vessel , which stays hidden and observes events unfolding. The humans on Onyx discover an ancient Forerunner city, Dr. Halsey determines that the entire planet is actually a "Shield World" referred to by the Forerunners as The Sharpened Shield.

The Sharpened Shield was constructed by the Forerunners to protect themselves from the firing of the Halo Array, which are designed to eradicate all sentient life should the Flood escape. Fighting off determined Covenant pursuers, they press on into the heart of the planet to find its secrets, but not before the ONI AI communicates to Dr.

Halsey the importance of shutting down a Forerunner factory located at the "tip" of the plant that manufactures a new Sentinel every six seconds, or per hour. After disabling the factory, the group proceeds to the location of Team Katana. They find eight pods that are able to sustain life by opening a very small slipspace wormhole inside of the pod.

Five of theses pods contained members of Katana. It is unknown who or what the other three contain. They then press in to the planet's core, where they discover a Slipspace rift that transports those who pass through it, into a miniaturized Dyson Sphere that is separated from normal space-time by advanced Forerunner Slipspace technology. Entrance to the Slipspace bubble is in countdown, after being activated by the destruction on Halo installation Once the countdown is completed the entrance to the Dyson Sphere will be closed, with no means to reopen it.

Will and Holly-G fall fighting off the Covenant forces, Will engaging several Hunters in hand-to-hand combat, before meeting his demise, earning him even the Sangheili's respect. Halsey, Mendez, Tom, Lucy, and the other Spartans escape. Reclaimer Saga Halo 4. Halo 5: Guardians.

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