Troubled Love in a Faraway Land (A Young Adult Short Story Collection)

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Barrow, Alaska" U. Navy Electronics Laboratory Report, April 19, Open letter about Antarctic ice caps research Sept. With A. Knowledge "Antarctic seals" Dec. Swinney "Some new perspectives on the life of William Speirs Bruce , with a preliminary catalogue of the Bruce collection of manuscripts in the University of Edinburgh" Archives of National History Elizabeth M. Sherrard "Bryophytes of Alaska - I.

The Emu Vol. With S. Grant Copy. Articles on reputations of polar explorers , "Did Byrd reach Pole? Note that the Italian North Polar expedition had to date come the closest to the north pole The Week ; "Nearest the pole: Commander Cagni's own account of his hazardous journey" The Pall Mall Magazine Reception of Lieut.

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Johnson "A study of Churchill, Manitoba" Dept. Johansen "Description of the country and vegetation at Port Churchill, Man. Wison and W. Markham "Terminal weather conditions at Eureka, Isachsen, Mould Bay and Resolute" ; "Maximum winter ice thickness in rivers and lakes in Canada" May ; "Break-up and freeze-up dates of rivers and lakes in Canada" Jan.

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Cook Reprints: "The Antarctic's challenge to the explorer" , "Two thousand miles in the Antarctic ice" , "Two possibilities of Antarctic Exploration" , "The new Antarctic Discoveries" , "The giant Indians of Tierra del Fuego" , Possibilities of human life within the Antarctic" , "The people of the farthest north" , "America's unconquered mountain" , "Round Mt. Polar Priorities Oct. Police Force" Reader's Digest Dec.

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