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Some enjoy making elaborate wands full of symbolism, maybe even including precious gems , others prefer simplicity. His occasional goals were often real gems and he possessed a temperament which sometimes made him seem much more mature than his years. The rest were half this size, brilliant little gems with bellies of butter-yellow and spots of the brightest vermilion on their flanks.

Among his numerous publications the most important were a volume on the bronzes found at Olympia, vast works on ancient gems and Greek vases, and the invaluable Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture English translation by Eugenie Strong. The greatest masters of the time executed portraits of him, Lysippus in sculpture, Apelles in painting and Pyrgoteles in graven gems. Among surviving monuments, we have no completely certified portraits except the Tivoli herm now in the Louvre and the coins struck by his successors.

Many descriptions of gems and gem stones have been discovered in various parts of the Australian states, but systematic search has been made principally for the diamond and the noble opal.

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The richest grave of all was explored at Vaphio in Laconia in , and yielded, besides many gems and miscellaneous goldsmiths' work, two golden goblets chased with scenes of bull-hunting, and certain broken vases painted in a large bold style which remained an enigma till the excavation of Cnossus. Cnossian frescoes show women grouped apart, and they appear alone on gems. Flesh and fish and many kinds of vegetables were evidently eaten, and wine and beer were drunk.

Modelling in terra-cotta, sculpture in stone and ivory, engraving on, gems , were following it closely by the beginning of the 2nd millennium. In Egypt itself Kefti tributaries, bearing vases of Aegean form, and themselves similar in fashion of dress and arrangement of hair to figures on Cretan frescoes and gems of Period III. She was worshipped, under the form of a conical stone, in an open-air sanctuary of the usual Cypriote type not unlike those of Mycenaean Greece , the general form of which is known from representations on late gems , and on Roman imperial coins;' its ground plan was discovered by excavations in In place of the belted kilt of the men we find a belted panier or polonaise, considerably elongated in front, worn by Aegean women; and Mackenzie shows that this was repeated several times until it formed the compound skirt with a number of flounces which is represented on many Mycenaean gems.

On a fresco discovered at Phaestus Hagia Triada fig. The chronicle of the Sinhalese kings, the Mahavamsa, however, asserts that mirrors of glittering glass were carried in procession in B.

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His letters especially Ep. His route is given in the third book In Rufinum; he went by Rhegium and Cyprus, where he was entertained by Bishop Epiphanius, to Antioch. Within them was found the Fountain of Youth; the pebbles which give light, restore sight, and render the possessor invisible; the Sea of Sand was there, stored with fish of wondrous savour; and the River of Stones was there also; besides a subterranean stream whose sands were of gems.

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His territory produced the worm called "salamander," which lived in fire, and which wrought itself an incombustible envelope from which were manufactured robes for the presbyter, which were washed in flaming fire. Queen Edith's crown had a plain circlet with, so far as can be determined, four crosses of pearls or gems on it, and a large cross patee rising from it in front, and arches of jewels or pearls terminating in a large pearl at the top.

A valuation of these ancient crowns was made at the time of the Commonwealth prior to their destruction. To the east, in the Bang Pakong river-basin and down the eastern shore of the gulf, are Pachim, a divisional headquarters; Petriou; Bang Plasoi, a fishing centre, with Rayong, Chantabun q.

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The ark kept at Axum is described as 2 feet high, covered with gold and gems. The liturgy was celebrated on it in the king's palace at Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and Feast of the Cross. These reactions are of special interest, for they culminate in the production of artificial ruby and sapphire see Gems , Artificial.

It is not the object of this article to deal further with the history of antique seals see Numismatics; also Gems , Jewelry and Ring , but to give some account of European seals of the middle ages, when the revival of their use for the authentication of documents resulted in their universal employment among all classes of society. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences gems. More gems swirled in the lake, seemingly at random.

One of the gems touched his face.

He clenched the pouch with its gems. Her eyes do look like green gems. The engraved gems probably record divine or human names. For gems see " Gobineau " in the Rev.

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  • Myers, Gems from the Talmud; S. Some fine gems of peridot, garnet and turquoise have been found. And we will continue to add these gems or are they mere baubles? Decorate them with our colored embellishments, ribbon or gems. Even the wooden fish key fobs are designer gems.

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    A walk around the city will uncover more gems. Its limbs are decorated with pellets imitating precious gems. They produce ingots of silver or gold or gems during downtime. This immensely readable book is full of such gems. Mentioned In. Nearby Words. Jewels are the gift of fortune, while character comes from within. Behold to-morrow comes, and thou art young, Nor on one string are all life's jewels strung I did not think of them much at the time, but there came a day in my life when the ring was fished up out of the well, good as new.

    They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known.

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    Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. Some magnificent gold work. It's the only form of jewelry a man can wear that women fully appreciate. The bosom can ache beneath diamond brooches; and many a blithe heart dances under coarse wool. I've lost a total of pounds.

    By all accounts, I should be hanging from a charm bracelet. I'm not quite sure where that is just yet.

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    But I know what it's like Have you ever heard A peacock sing? Of course it is a nucleus and focus of crime. Every good stone is. They are the devil's pet baits. In the larger and older jewels every facet may stand for a bloody deed. This stone is not yet twenty years old.

    It was found in the banks of the Amoy River in soutern China and is remarkable in having every characteristic of the carbuncle, save that it is blue in shade instead of ruby red. In spite of its youth, it has already a sinister history. There have been two murders, a vitriol-throwing, a suicide, and several robberies brought about for the sake of this forty-grain weight of crystallised charcoal. Who would think that so pretty a toy would be a purveyor to the gallows and the prison?

    They were not designed just to be beautiful jewels in the sky, but to serve as the eyes of heaven. I can see why she hides herself in accents and gems and exotic perfumes. I can see why she's grown to hate anything to do with love. She isn't evil or corrupt the way that Vaughn is.

    She's broken. Only broken. And let them shine. There was logic even in his laughter.