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Hi Dani, I can relate to your story, just last year me and my Dad lost our loved ones there was 5 of them in his family siblings that is he is the only one living in his immediate family he lost a brother in and then last year he lost his sister and his other 2 brothers and then I lost my husband to Congestive Heart Failure. It has been a hard journey for me and my Dad but we pray to God everyday to see us through it and he has, I miss my loved ones but I know we will see them again one day and that gives us hope and faith that we will see them again one day.

Have a good weekend, Your Friend, Lisa. Thank you for reaching out Marina. Grief is a unique process every time we experience it. What matters most is that you are hurting in this moment.

Everyday Power

It is so important to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling when you feel it. Try not to judge yourself. Your grief is simply an expression of your ongoing love for your husband. If the pictures that you have taken down brought you comfort, put them back up.

And if you want to keep wearing your wedding ring, wear it until you are ready to stop. My mother died almost two years ago and I still wear one of her rings whenever I need to feel more connected to her. Many mental health professional who specialize in grief work facilitate grief therapy groups in addition to working with individuals one-on-one. As I have suggested to others, a good place to begin your search would be the Goodtherapy. All the best to you. I think that I am scared to feel happy again because it somehow feels like this would be a betrayal to my deceased husband.

Hi Polly. It is not uncommon to think that feeling joy is like a betrayal of your loved one. You deserve to have emotional freedom. Your memories with him are imprinted in your heart. Part of the joy that you can feel is knowing that you are still connected with him and that he will always be in your heart and mind. This has been so helpful for me. I lost my beloved husband on 46 years in August and am just beginning to think about moving nearer family as well as finding a new purpose for living. Your words soothed me by saying finding new goals is okay.

Bless you. Hi Petra. Thank you for your feedback. I am grateful that you found my words soothing and are beginning to set new goals for yourself. It is really important to do for your healing.

Helping People Find Peace and Meaning in Life after Loss

Moving closer to other loved ones may be good for you as well. We all deal with grief in a different way no way is really better than another because for any of us going through the experience there us hurt that no one else could understand. Hi Kari. Grief is unique in many ways for each of us. And each loss that the same person experiences is also unqiue. But it is possible for others in similar circumstances, such as two women whose husbands have died to understand a lot of what the other is feeling.

Hi Annabelle. I am always grateful when that happens. I hope the article gives you what you need to take the next step toward finding new meaning in your life after your loss. My gran passed just days after pop did, and she was in pretty good health herself. Hi Cal.

When Someone Dies Suddenly and Unexpectedly

It must have been really difficult for you and your family to have both your Pop and Gran pass away-days apart. Just as many here have mentioned I have felt guilt for feeling Joy, or laughing, or making steps to move forward.

But, I know he is at peace and no longer having to battle his illness, and he would have wanted me to be happy and live again. Each week brings new joys and new grief. I felt I was doing really well about two months ago, and then this month I feel I am grieving as though he died just yesterday. I found writing has been instrumental in my work towards healing. I have started a blog for survivors, and those struggling with mental illness, and others grieving.

It certainly helps to process the pain and thoughts. If you are into art, or exercise, or writing, use these things as tools to help you through. Therapy had been extremely helpful as well. Has anyone else had this issue? Hi Beautifullymade Thnak you for adding your voice to the discussion. It is often a saving grace for many people dealing with loss. You are not all at alone in your struggle with eating and weight gain. The shame that you feel about your weight can actually contribute to the cycle of overeating. Working with a grief specialist around this and other grief related concerns would of course be helpful.

Lost my beautiful spouse of 37 years in March. Feeling overwhelmed, panicked, lost. Planning on moving in a few months due to financial challenges. Difficulty paying rent where I live. Moving out of state to be with family. Feel so alone. I carry a constant sadness in everything i do. Like someone said he is my life. Thank you for your comment. You are also welcome to call us for assistance finding a therapist. We are in the office Monday through Friday from a. Pacific Time; our phone number is ext. I knew my wife for 54 years — married 52 of those.

She was a triathlete and was on a bike ride on Easter Sunday morning. Here today… gone tomorrow. Terrible shock, not only for me, but for our five children and all her many friends. Have just lost a friend. She was everything for me.

When You Lose A Parent To Cancer

My mother, my father, my family. She was my inspiration. She was the only one to whom I always asked for help whenever I needed it whether it was emotional, mental or financial help. She was always there for me. Now she is gone. I cry everyday. I want her back. I just can not think about anything except her death.

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I am afraid of going back to work where we worked together. I am afraid of sleeping, I am afraid of darkness. I am going crazy. And there is no one to help me to get out of this.

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Im hopeless and life seems so meaningless without him. I lost my partner of 11 years 6 months ago and I cry every day I miss her so much she was funny and beautiful is it natural to still feel depressed and sad most of the time I loved her so much. Raymond, I am truly sorry for the extreme pain your loss has caused you. Yes, it is natural to feel depressed and cry so much after losing someone we deeply loved. However, it might be that you are stuff in your grieving cycle.

This is only for me, but I found that I needed to get a mild antidepressant and find a therapist because I was definitely stuck. I have not been able to find my place in life yet. Still, I feel a little better after medication and therapy. Sometimes even a little bit is a lot.