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Organising a hen party? The 18 essential dos & don’ts for bridesmaids |

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10 expert tips for organising an unforgettable hen party

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Member zone navigation: partner service. Member zone navigation: running your business ABTA online learning. Contacting our Members. Member zone navigation: self service Self service dashboard. You may end up restricted by budget but firstly see what the bride expects — if she only wants to go away for one night then your budget could stretch further.

See what is the most important thing to the bride — is it that she goes to an amazing location or hotel?

To-do list

Or would she prefer something more low key and budget friendly so everyone can come? Work with the bride to create an invite list. See which dates the bride can do — and the more date options the better so you can pick a time that suits most of the hens. Let the hens know the preferred date and consider giving them an indication of the budget you are working towards so they have time to decide whether they can come. Once you have a set location in mind you can start to plan your activities.

It may be worth considering the guest list — do you have anyone with any limitations or anyone within the group who is pregnant? It may have an effect on the type of activities you choose. Once you have a set plan and price in place, you can put all these details to the group. You might get a few dropouts once you have a set date and price for the hen party. Many of the guests might know each other and be best buds, but there are usually some guests who are coming solo. Make sure to get talking to each guest and help along those shy gals - there is nothing worse than the feeling that everyone at the party is pals and you don't know anyone!

This also goes for mums and older guests too.

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We hope that while planning the party you kept your bride in mind. So when it comes to the actual hen do, don't produce any rude props or jokes unless you know she's up for it.

How to Plan a Hen Party - Paige Joanna

Many hens these days are decidedly low-key on things like willy straws and strippers, while others will expect them, so suss out where your gal and the other guests! If you have allowed for some extras in the budget you really should!

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  • 10 expert tips for organising an unforgettable hen party.
  • Who’s Invited?.

As a bride they are your go to girls to rant at, cry with, get excited with, count on and most of all they embark on the wedding planning with you, no questions asked most of the time! So unless you're Jane from 27 Dresses , most of us haven't been a bridesmaid before and need a little help to make sure things run smoothly. We shared 13 Rules that Make the Perfect Bridesmaid not so long ago, we hope it came in handy as your mantra when buying the bridesmaid dresses or during planning sessions over cups of tea or prosecco depending how you roll discussing colour palettes and floral arrangements.

Planning is key to a stress-free hen party. So grab yourself a notebook a pretty one First things first, decide on a date with the bride. Also of course, the bride needs time to recover before the big day!